On 23 January, the TORUS office in the ARGON building in ALCHEMIA was home to the 2nd edition of the BEST MANAGERS workshop series. Nearly 20 participants used the meeting to sharpen their delegation skills.

Does good delegation of tasks impact the effectiveness of teamwork? All managers know that the answer to this question is ‘yes’, but achieving perfection in this area is not easy. This is why the second of the four planned BEST MANAGERS workshop meetings focused on delegation, which will enable its participants to apply this critical skill in real-life situations when managing teams. The participants had their hands full, learning how to: work with people who are resistant to change, make delegation more effective, promote long-term engagement among their employees, recognise and work with people with different workplace behaviours and, lastly, how to improve one’s time management skills to fulfil  personal goals. The special guest during this event was Tricity restauranteur Mariusz Zawadzki, for whom delegating tasks is an everyday reality. Zawadzki told the participants that delegation is a crucial skill in his business and one with a profound impact on its growth.
BEST MANAGERS is a workshop series for managers wanting to perfect their key competencies. The creator of this project is communication expert Monika Reszko, with TORUS serving as strategic event partner. The next workshop will address another important management skill: giving feedback.
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Nippon Seiki (Europe) BV, subsidiary of one of the world’s leading suppliers in the automotive industry, will relocate its local office into the Argon building in Alchemia. The new office will be nearly 800 sq. m big  and will provide a comfortable working environment for the company’s further rapid growth in Gdańsk.
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Ocean Network Express, a global container handling holding, opened its Central Service Center in Gdańsk. The new office is located in the Argon building, part of the Alchemia office complex. 120 logistics and shipping experts already work in the new office. The deal was handled by Cushman & Wakefiled.
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