We Followed the Rabbit
We Followed the Rabbit

We Followed the Rabbit

On 26 April, numerous Torus representatives attended Follow the Rabbit in Gdynia, a conference for the Tricity professional HR community created a few years ago by Thomson Reuters. We served as event partner, participant and speaker, sharing our marketing know-how on building one’s reputation of an exciting developer that actively engages with its tenants.

The event kicked off with a talk by Professor Janusz Czapiński on happiness at work. Prof. Czapiński shared the results of many years of research analysing work and life satisfaction among people with different occupations. Perhaps it was no surprise that, for most people, work is not a particularly satisfying activity – we work because we have to, no matter who we are and what country we live in. When it comes to pleasure, the no. 1 choice for Poles is working out, followed by watching television – the first of these employers are well aware of and already addressing in the workplace (though the second may be a bit problematic 😉). In wealthier developed nations, the percentage of people happy with their life and satisfied with their job is, as expected, higher than in Poland. What’s interesting, these happy people have a larger impact on their country’s GDP growth.
When it comes to company management, putting theory into practice is a lot more complicated and can be a real challenge for many employers. The office market today is experiencing an employee deficit on one hand and socio-cultural changes on the other; both require a sufficient level of understanding and implementation into everyday workplace reality. A well-designed office can be of great help here. A modern office building that is well-situated, accessible to vehicles and close to public transport, combined with attractive workspace design, can be a powerful ‘weapon’ on the recruitment battlefield. This description was used by our speaker, Monika Brzozowska, as she listed our numerous projects and initiatives often developed together with our clients and partners. These cover a variety of areas, including education (such as student and manager workshops, and the Alchemia Tech Guide) and corporate social responsibility (for example, Operation Rh – our very own Alchemia blood drive). We also do more unique events, such as taking part in Red Bull Flugtag in Gdynia and organising Dynatrace Crushmageddon, where a few squads of employees raced the clock to smash and crush a soon-to-be demolished office building (this was a Torus/Dynatrace partner project). These are but a taste of the full range of activities we engage in. One of our next projects will involve the lucky winner of the audience contest we held following our presentation at Follow the Rabbit.
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Nippon Seiki spreads its wings in Gdańsk

Nippon Seiki (Europe) BV, subsidiary of one of the world’s leading suppliers in the automotive industry, will relocate its local office into the Argon building in Alchemia. The new office will be nearly 800 sq. m big  and will provide a comfortable working environment for the company’s further rapid growth in Gdańsk.
Ocean Network Express (ONE) develops operations in Gdańsk, Poland

Ocean Network Express, a global container handling holding, opened its Central Service Center in Gdańsk. The new office is located in the Argon building, part of the Alchemia office complex. 120 logistics and shipping experts already work in the new office. The deal was handled by Cushman & Wakefiled.
TORUS SQUADS return to Gdańsk Business Run 2018

Some 1,500 runners and nearly 300 company relay teams reported to the starting line on 2 September, kicking off another edition of Gdańsk Business Run. Among them were three TORUS SQUADS. Competition was tough, but it did not eclipse the more important charitable cause of the event. According to the organisers, nearly 110,000 PLN was raised from entry fees alone. Torus was a co-organiser of the event.
Gdańsk Business Run on WHEELS sets the wheels in motion!

On 9 August, Gdańsk Business Run on Wheels – a press conference chaired by Agnieszka Pleti from the Gdańsk Business Run Foundation – was held on the 7th floor of Alchemia’s ARGON building. Ms Pleti spoke about the Foundation’s mission, how business relay teams bring people together and about Corporate Social Responsibility done on many levels: participating in, organising and supporting the event.
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