The single biggest decision you make in your job - bigger than all the rest - is who you name manager. When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits - nothing.

Jim Clifton, Gallup CEO

According to Gallup, more than 50% of people have chosen to leave their manager at least once in their career. Companies are experiencing a crisis in leadership – only 30% of employees care about their job and approx. 70% are unsatisfied with it. At the same time, managers are responsible for 70% of the work needed to engage their immediate employees. Additionally, over 60% of people have difficulty sleeping at night due to the state of relations with their supervisor. These statistics are reflected worldwide. The fight for acquiring ‘new blood’ is a nightmare for many leaders. It is also worth noting that employees often perform functions different to those aligned with their skills and preferences.
If leaders were to understand that their duty is to create opportunities and environments to ensure their employees can grow, utilise their strengths and feel like they are working towards a greater whole, then this competition for new blood need no longer exist.  Employees would be able to experience job satisfaction on a greater scale, perhaps going as far as admitting to having a ‘dream job’.
In order to meet the above needs, we have decided to serve as event partners for a workshop called ‘Corporate Differently – how to be the leader you would actually follow?’. The event is hosted by two people, each well-versed in business and who have worked with dozens of companies: business psychologist and management coach - Monika Reszko and business process expert - Krzysztof Herdzik. Together, they created the ‘Corporate Differently’ model, which allows company leaders to build their own, personalised approach to leadership and management
What is Corporate Differently? How to put it in place? What benefits does it bring? The answers to the above questions – and more – will be given at our workshop on 25 May, at 11am to 3pm, on the 7th floor of the ARGON building, at ALCHEMIA business centre.
The workshop will: Get you familiar with the Corporate Differently model – the tool to increase your self-confidence as a leader, allowing you to personalise your relations with employees; Teach you the best methods to build employee engagement and loyalty, communication and change management; Show you how to utilise the seven levels of values according to which your employees develop themselves, learn, interpret feedback and react to change; Help you find out how to reconcile a diverse working environment of multiple personal goals, priorities, age and background, so that everyone can take satisfaction in their job and reach above-average effectiveness. The event is held under the patronage of Invest in Pomerania. Limited capacity. Please book your seat at:


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