On Thursday, 1 March 2018, the fourth edition of Torus Triathlon In Da House took place. This year, the event was dedicated to the business community, drawing in 37 relay teams representing companies from all over Poland. A total of 122 competitors were joined by numerous spectators. All proceeds from the event had been donated to the Hospicjum Pomorze Dzieciom Foundation.

- For many years now, we have been using triathlon to popularise physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The TTIDH competition has become a perfect networking opportunity for competitors, spectators, families and, more so this year, employees representing their business teams. I am pleased that we can make great use of the space in Alchemia and organise a competition of such calibre indoors. Together with the Jeppesen Foundation, we have been able to further develop the charity aspect of the event and support the Hospicjum Pomorze Dzieciom Foundation.

Monika Brzozowska, Torus PR & Marketing Senior Manager, said.

Despite the noticeably cold weather this winter, Alchemia had once again managed to attract Polish triathlon enthusiasts to Gdańsk. On 1 March, our business complex became an arena for some stiff competition between business relay teams. Each squad featured three to five participants, with a swimmer, cyclist, runner and, optionally, a coach and cheerleader. These teams came from different places in Poland, though, of course, most represented the Tricity region.

This was my second appearance at the event. Last year I rode a bike and today I chose to run. I could feel the difference – the cycling section has different levels of resistance, so it’s harder, but on the treadmill, you can run at a constant pace.

Ola, one of the participants, said – visibly exhausted but positively content.

The athletes competed over a sprint distance – 750m swim in the pool, 20km cycle on grounded bicycles (the bikes had their rear wheels removed and were attached to a trainer device, allowing them to remain in place for the duration of the event) and a 5km run on a treadmill. Adding all the distances together, the participants swam 36km, biked 960km and ran 240km!

The TTIDH event draws in all kinds of triathletes – casuals, amateurs and even some professionals. Thanks to this variety of participants we have been able to create a high-quality event and spark a lot of interest.

Iwona Guzowska, TTIDH sports director, said.

The Jeppesen Foundation team won the business relay competition, beating Lufthansa Systems Poland Active and the hosts, Torus Squad. The professional athlete heat was won by Bartosz Banach, with Paweł Juświk and Paweł Miziarski coming in second and third, respectively.
This year, our charity partners were the Jeppesen Foundation, who also took first place in the business relay competition. All funds raised from the entry fees – almost 60,000 PLN – had been donated to the Hospicjum Pomorze Dzieciom Foundation. The organisation provides palliative and respite care to children. The Foundation’s Chairman of the Board, Ewa Liegman, took to the stage during the awards ceremony, her speech comparing the efforts of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists to those of the most dedicated athletes. These people – Ms Liegman said – work hard to ensure children endure as little pain and have as much time with their families as possible. Having this level of support from the business community is very important, she said.

TTIDH For Business 2018 results:

Business Relay Teams:
JEPPESEN FOUNDATION (Przybyła Katarzyna, Twarowski Michał, Wołoszyk Kamil); TIME: 01:08:50
LUFTHANSA SYSTEMS POLAND ACTIVE! (Dziedzic Małgorzata, Pieciukiewicz Paweł, Sprengel Grzegorz); 01:11:42
TORUS SQUAD (Ossowski Andrzej, Gołębicki Paweł, Brzozowska Monika); 01:12:57

BARTOSZ BANACH (Torus Triathlon Team) 01:05:16
PAWEŁ MIZIARSKI (Torus Triathlon Team) 01:06:26

MARTA ŁAGOWNIK (Torus Triathlon Team); CZAS: 01:10:06
MAJA BUŻYCKA (Torus Triathlon Team); CZAS: 01:16:40
MARTA KALINOWSKA-BIEGAŁA (Torus Triathlon Team); CZAS: 01:20:59


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